Noted - A simple, yet powerful note taking app for Mac

Noted for Mac

A simple, yet powerful note taking app.

Watch the Noted demo video Noted has a simple, beautiful interface and powerful features (iCloud sync, Markdown, Smart Lists, Attachments, Instant Search and more.) to bring you extraordinary note taking experience.

Download on the Mac App Store

Requires OS X 10.8 or later

The Main Features of Noted

  • iCloud

    iCloud (Only Mac App Store Version)

    iCloud is built right into Noted; it automatically, without any effort by you, keeps your notes across all your Macs.

  • Markdown


    With Markdown, you can write beautiful notes all by using plain text to tag your formatting and preview markdown in-place.

  • Smart Lists

    Smart Lists

    An effective way to handle lists. Typing the first bullet character, then the Smart Lists “knows” how to add the rest of them.

  • Attachments


    Extending notes by attach files(Images, Videos, Documents, etc.) then Quick Look them in a convenient way.

  • Instant Search

    Instant Search

    Noted instant shows search results in real-time as you type. It is the quickest way to find your notes.

  • Unfiled


    The Unfiled is the best place to jot down quick notes when you are not yet ready to decide where to put them.

  • Starred


    Mark notable notes as starred by menu action or drag to starred collection. An star symbol will make them easy to be find.

  • Notebooks


    Using Notebook to categorize your notes in different notebooks for different subjects or projects: work, home, travel, course, etc.

  • Sections


    If there are too many notes in one notebook, you can further categorize them into sections.

  • Trash


    You can recover deleted notes from trash unless you permanently delete them by empting trash.

  • View Modes

    View Modes

    Noted offers two view modes: Card and List. Card view mode will display more contents than list view mode.

  • Full Screen

    Full Screen

    Use every inch of your Mac’s display by taking advantage of Noted’s built-in support for the systemwide OS X Full Screen feature.

  • Shortcuts


    Almost all interactions are supported by keyboard shortcuts. You will never have to take your hands off the keyboard.

  • Sharing


    Noted takes full advantage of the system’s built-sharing services. Share your notes via email, messages, etc.

  • Export


    Export notes into various formats (HTML, etc.) or copy HTML to Clipboard. More export formats are on the way.

  • Colored


    Not only multiple colors for notebook and section, but also 2 themes for whole interface.

  • More

    More Features?

    Yes, of course. We are keeping improve and enhance Noted. If you have any suggestion, please let us know.

* * *

Download on the Mac App Store Requires OS X 10.8 or later

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